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Twitter might be good for the masses but we thought you might like a little more detail with a photograph or short video. We are in the process of loading stories in to Our Blog and hope to add something monthly. If you use to the web perhaps you use RSS feeds so can receive updates when we post stories.

It started on 20th December and its still here over 2 weeks later! The snow is over 18” deep and the back garden is full of works of art. The igloo was courtesy of Claire suggesting the bricks should be made using a Tupperware box. An annex is planned at the weekend if the snow remains. Other creations include a snow ‘Red Ted’, a polar bear and a reindeer. Further pictures can be seen in our The Big Freeze Album. At the weekend an extension to the igloo is planned.

We have added some family photographs in the Family Album section and hope to post some family tree details in the future. We have details of the Farrow family tree back to 1580’s but need a program to help publish. In the mean time w hope you like the pictures we have collected to date.

Perhaps Andrew is getting to ‘a certain age’ and he has started to do a little research in to the family tree. A number of years ago Frances Lee (Farrow) was contacted by John Farrow to discover he had traced the family tree back to the late 1500’s. John has over 2000 people in his database. So far our family tree has over 200 people and we have published details on the web. Also we have collected some family tree related photographs together which can be seen in the Family Album.

[Last updated: 07/01/2010]

Snippets of our lives

After almost 7 years since the last update of the web site Andrew has got his act together and made a start. Perhaps this was linked to the justification for buying a Mac. Whatever the reason we hope you like the information, stories and pictures we post.